New HPC Cluster Delivers Flexibility for University’s Future Needs

This week we delivered and installed the new HPC cluster we built for Washington University in St. Louis. The cluster will help the university support its growing HPC user base, which includes researchers from disciplines not usually associated with HPC such as economists and radiologists. The university also wanted a fast storage system of 100 …


SC14 HPC News Roundup

A number of key announcements were made at SC14 with implications for the future of the HPC marketplace. Here’s a roundup of key announcements and big news to come out of SC14 last week in New Orleans: + Intel Shares Details about Future Plans for Xeon Phi Intel gave SC14 attendees a look at the …


Newsletter: Pinnacle systems now shipping with E5 v3 processors

    *|DATE:F Y|*   Now shipping: Pinnacle servers with Intel's new E5-2600 v3 "Haswell" CPUs All of our products — including the Pinnacle Flex cluster nodes, servers and workstations — are now available with Intel's recently released E5-2600 v3 "Haswell" processors. To celebrate the launch of these powerful systems, we're showing them off on our newly revamped website!  Our new Haswell-based …


Newsletter: We’re getting ready for Intel’s new processor launch

All systems go: We’re ready for the launch of Intel’s next-generation CPUs Intel will soon be releasing its future Intel Xeon processor E5 2600 v3 family (formerly codenamed “Haswell”), and as an Intel partner, we’ve already had the opportunity to test these processors in our systems so that we’re ready to ship at launch.Our existing …


Newsletter: Portland State gets a new cluster; how to budget for new technology

  Our newest installation: Portland State’s GaiaPortland State University welcomed our technicians last week for the installation of their newest cluster: a 92-node, 18.5 TFLOPS systems named “Gaia.” Scientists at Portland State’s Center for Climate and Aerosol Research (CCAR) will use Gaia to improve understanding of greenhouse gases, the production of atmospheric aerosols and air …


Newsletter: Red Hat 7 recently launched; read our review here

      Red Hat 7 launched: newest version provides features, fixes Earlier this month, Red Hat released version 7 of its Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system. While it’s important to note that we’re not yet installing it due to potential compatibility issues, so far, we like what we see.RHEL 7 provides a …


HPC Cluster Blog – RHEL 7 Released

On June 10th of 2014, Red Hat launched version 7 of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system. RHEL 7 was a long time coming and adds a bunch of great features and fixes from previous versions. There are lots of improvements but we will be just going over a few key ones in …


HPC Cluster Blog – Grant Writing

Getting ready to write a grant proposal? Need an accurate quote with the latest in HPC technology? Well, look no further. At Advanced Clustering Technologies, we understand that a significant source of funding for many of our clients’ cluster purchases comes from one government alphabet agency (NSF) or another (DOE). That means spending a lot …


HPC Cluster Blog – Remote Administration

As a turnkey cluster provider, one of the questions we always ask our clients is who is going to manage their cluster and what kind of experience do they have. While we have some clients that have full-time, in-house staff to administer their clusters, we also have some researchers and scientists who have to balance …

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