An important update about the supply of HPC equipment

Posted on July 27, 2021

If you read nothing else that we write this year, please read the article we published today concerning the supply of HPC equipment under the headline “Global Chip Shortage Causing Prolonged Delays and Wait Times for HPC Cluster Components.”

We can honestly say we have never seen a situation like the one in which the industry now finds itself. Not only are the shortages and delays unprecedented. They are also, it appears, without an end in sight.

For the foreseeable future, nearly every component that goes into the construction of an HPC cluster is in short supply. Delays, shortages and back orders have become the new normal. Parts that used to be readily available now have an estimated delivery date that is 12 or 16 months out from today.

We cannot tell you when this will get better. What we can advise is that anyone who is planning to buy HPC equipment in 2021 or 2022 should be making plans now. Let vendors know what you’re planning so you can be placed on the waiting list. If it seems like you’re being premature, just know that the waiting list – and the delays – will only continue to grow as this situation continues. If you want it next year, you need to raising your hand now.

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