Banking, trade and financial institutions have learned of the advantages of HPC and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their business in recent years. With accuracy and speed being an important factor in this sector, we offer many choices of high-end processors and GPUs in our Pinnacle servers to ensure speed and accuracy in financial calculations.

The financial industry also requires data to be stored for long periods of time, requiring larger, more secure and reliable file systems. We can help with these storage requirements by offering many solutions, from a large parallel shelf-based system like Panasas or a more tailored Lustre file system to a simple storage server.

Whether you’re processing huge volumes of data or running financial simulations, let us help keep you ahead of the competition with our robust clusters, servers and workstations.

Finance customers

  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • George Mason University Finance Department
  • Tradebot Systems
  • Trading Technologies International, Inc.
  • Van Buren Advisors

Products and services for finance

  • High-speed interconnect with an Infiniband or 10GbE network
  • Large storage servers with low latency available
  • Custom-built to your specifications and requirements
  • We take the time to consult with you on what best serves your needs
  • Rack clusters delivered preconfigured, including storage, networking and power components
  • AI/GPU Clusters
  • AI ready servers

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