We collaborate with energy companies both large and small in developing high performance computing (HPC) clusters and Artificial Intelligence (AI) ready servers and clusters. Our clusters aid in underground modeling and gathering seismic data to better understand and calculate oil and gas production rates.

Energy customers

  • The Department of Energy
  • Energy Dynamics Laboratory at Utah State University
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Rock Flow Dynamics


Products and services for energy

  • Complete setup and training
  • Dual-, quad- or eight-socket servers available for high core and memory count
  • Deep learning and AI servers
  • eQUEUE software job submission software with remote visualization
  • Custom-built to your specifications and requirements
  • We take the time to consult with you on what best serves your needs
  • Rack clusters delivered preconfigured, including storage, networking and power components


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