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We build customized, turn-key HPC clusters 

Our engineers are always evaluating the newest technology to make our HPC clusters even better. By using our strong vendor relationships and technical expertise, we are able to adapt to the latest hardware and software offerings, often much more quickly than other cluster providers.

When a new processor or architecture is announced, rest assured that we have already tested it and are prepared to ship systems that include this new technology on or close to the launch date.

Extensive testing procedures for plug-and-play readiness

Before we ship a cluster, it spends a minimum of 24 hours running our own powerful stress-testing software, Breakin. This tool thoroughly checks processors, memory, hard drives and temperature and finds any ECC or MCE errors that may occur. If we find any issues during this extensive analysis, we fix them in-house to deliver a stable and fully operational product to you.

A simplified purchasing process to ensure needs are met

We make the purchasing process easy by working with you to determine the best configuration for your needs. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are readily available to answer your questions and ensure that the system you purchase is ideal for your applications.

After ordering, you’ll be able to keep track of the build process online or through a direct connection to your dedicated cluster engineer. Delivery is easy, too, since we ship all clusters pre-assembled into rack cabinets with all nodes, cables and accessories installed and labeled.

Download our HPC Pricing Guide

In order to give you a better feel for the cost of HPC, our team at Advanced Clustering Technologies has compiled a pricing sheet to provide you with a side-by-side comparison of cluster costs with or without Infiniband connections. Our pricing sheet is based on budgets of $150,000, $250,000 and $500,000.

Customized Systems

We design systems built to match your specific needs.

Turn-key Clusters

Fully configured and tested prior to delivery

HPC Focused

Experts at HPC with more than 15 years experience.

Quality Components

We use best-available parts and thoroughly test prior to delivery

Expert Support

We're your source for technical support and grant writing assistance.

Top-notch Support

Knowledgeable technicians available by phone, email or chat

Types of Clusters

HPC Clusters
High performance computing clusters increase computer performance exponentially by sharing the workload. They also pass on a massive cost savings benefit over SMP and MPP-based computers by leveraging the hardware made for consumer and general business usage.

GPU clusters
A GPU cluster features nodes that are equipped with GPUs for fast calculations. 

Visualization Clusters
A visualization cluster is an HPC cluster with the addition of powerful graphics cards, normally designed to work in sync with each other to tackle high-resolution and real time simulations. Our visualization clusters add high powered 3D accelerated graphics cards to the compute nodes.

A Few HPC Clusters We Have Built

Things to Consider When Buying an HPC Cluster

When purchasing an HPC cluster, the first question that might come to mind is “How powerful are the machines going to be?” While the compute nodes play an important role in the way your machine functions, there are other pieces of a cluster that play an integral part in a top-notch system.

Let’s take a look at all of the pieces that can be integrate into a cluster, physical requirements you need to be consider when purchasing, and more.

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