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Advanced Clustering Technologies now offers the  parallel filesystem BeeGFS in our turn-key HPC solutions. This solution is ideal for I/O intensive workloads because it allows you to spread user data over multiple servers.

Why BeeGFS?
As your cluster grows,  file systems can become a limiting factor. The expense of expansion can become comparable to the cost of the computing cluster itself. Therefore, we are offering BeeGFS as a cost-effective solution.

With BeeGFS, you can scale performance and capacity of the file system to the level you need by increasing the number of servers and disks in your system.

Experience the power of clustered storage:

  • distribute data across any number of storage servers
  • get high streaming throughput and high IOPs
  • gain parallel data access from all compute nodes


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Maximum Scalability

Maximum Flexibility

BeeGFS is optimized to provide:

  • maximum performance and scalability 
    It supports distributed file contents with flexible striping across storage servers on a per-file or per-directory basis as well as distributed metadata.

  • Best in class client throughput
    8 GB/s with only a single process streaming on a 100GBit network, while a few streams can fully saturate the network.

  • Linear scalability through dynamic metadata namespace partitioning.

  • Flexible choice of underlying file system to perfectly fit the given storage hardware. BeeGFS Storage Pools make different types of storage devices available within the same namespace. By having SSDs and HDDs in different pools, pinning of a user project to the flash pool enables all-flash storage performance for the current project while still providing the advantage of the cost-effecient high capacity of spinning disks for other data.
  • BeeGFS supports a wide range of Linux distributions such as RHEL/Fedora, SLES/OpenSuse or Debian/Ubuntu as well as a wide range of Linux kernels from ancient 2.6.18 up to the latest vanilla. The storage services run on top of an existing local filesystem (such as xfs, zfs or others) using the normal POSIX interface and clients and servers can be added to an existing system without downtime.

  • BeeGFS supports multiple networks and dynamic failover in case one of the network connections is down.

  • BeeGFS client and server components can also run on the same physical machines. Thus, BeeGFS can turn a compute rack into a cost-efficient converged data processing and shared storage unit, eliminating the need for external storage resources and providing simplified management.

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