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Advanced Clustering Teams with ThinkparQ to Integrate BeeGFS

Posted on May 15, 2018

Today Advanced Clustering Technologies announced that is has partnered with ThinkParQ to integrate the BeeGFS parallel file system as part of the company’s high performance computing solutions for HPC workloads.

The parallel file system solves storage access speed issues that can decrease performance of the fastest supercomputers. BeeGFS spreads user data across multiple servers. By increasing the number of servers and disks in the system, users can scale performance and capacity of the file system to the level needed, from small clusters up to enterprise-grade systems with thousands of nodes.

Developed at the Fraunhofer Center for High Performance Computing in Germany and delivered by ThinkParQ, BeeGFS is easy to install and manage.

“As we strive to build stronger, faster HPC clusters, it’s important to address the challenge of storage access speed,” said Advanced Clustering Technologies President Kyle Sheumaker. “BeeGFS is recognized as a solid solution for adding capacity to today’s supercomputers.”

BeeGFS is available open source and powers the storage of hundreds of scientific and industry customer-sites worldwide.

“ThinkParQ is very happy to have Advanced Clustering Technologies as a trained, certified BeeGFS partner,” said ThinkParQ CEO Frank Herold. “Integrated BeeGFS into Advanced Clustering’s turn-key HPC solutions makes it possible to demonstrate the ease of use, scalability and flexibility of the ThinkParQ solution.”

BeeGFS is ideal for demanding, high-performance, high-throughput workloads for modeling and simulation, product engineering, life sciences, deep learning, predictive analytics, media and financial services.

“With the integration of BeeGFS, we are essentially offering our customers a solution that is 100% scalable and redundant,” Sheumaker said. “If you need increased capacity, simply add more servers. If a crash occurs, the redundancies kick in, and there’s no downtime.”

About ThinkParQ:

ThinkParQ GmbH (TPQ) was founded as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer ITWM organization, which is the largest organization for applied research in Europe. ThinkParQ and Fraunhofer collaborated to develop BeeGFS and controls its quality.

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