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A fully utilized and robust high performance computing (HPC) cluster can help maintain and grow a university’s competitive edge by attracting researchers and students from around the globe. We assist in this effort by providing high performance computing (HPC) clusters designed with performance, efficiency, flexibility and upgradeability in mind.

Our educational HPC customers come from such fields as computer science, biology, chemistry and engineering. They’ve come to trust and rely on our experienced personnel to develop an HPC solution tailored specifically for them.

Whether you need a small departmental or large university-wide cluster, we can develop a solution to fit your needs and budget. Call on us to assist with your NSF, NIH and DOE grant proposals, preliminary quotes for startup funding, and general cluster purchases.

Education customers

  • MIT
  • Portland State University
  • Ohio State University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • San Jose State University

Products and services for education

  • Turn-key clusters for individual labs or campus-wide networks
  • Complete onsite installation and training
  • Several server platform choices
  • Workstations for individual lab work or remote access to the cluster
  • Servers available with multiple GPU configurations

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