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Advanced Clustering Technologies offers cutting-edge high performance computing solutions to facilitate the computations, simulations and modeling necessary for climate research and weather forecasting. 

Whether mapping ocean currents or atmospheric changes, scientists and researchers from all over the world have relied on us to develop a custom platform within their budget.

Climate and weather modeling has historically been one of the more challenging for climate researchers, and we can help in customizing a complete robust HPC solution by incorporating GPUs for higher resolutions and more accurate results.

To understand and predict Earth’s weather and climate, researchers rely on increasingly complex computer models and simulations based on a constantly growing body of data from around the globe.

Climate Research and Weather Forecasting Customers

  • Lightning Technologies
  • Meso
  • National Weather Service
  • NOAA

Products and services for climate and weather

  • Single or multiple GPU-capable servers
  • Dual-, quad- or eight-socket servers available for high core and memory count
  • Custom-built to your specifications and requirements
  • Rack clusters delivered preconfigured, including storage, networking and power components

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