Case Study: Caltech Implements New ClusterVisor 1.0 to More Effectively Manage HPC Cluster
posted on July 24, 2023

The team at Caltech is using ClusterVisor to test a special software development project. “Our software that we are developing – RAM is usually the bottleneck. Memory is crucial with us. Nobody has this great tool. We have been sharing our excitement.” Read the case study.

BeeGFS Parallel File System Gets an Update
posted on July 5, 2023

ThinkParQ has just announced availability of the latest version of BeeGFS parallel file storage. Most notably, the 7.4.0 version supports cross-directory hard links and a vastly improved monitoring system. Cross-Directory Hard Links Because different directories in BeeGFS can live on different nodes and hard links are limited to a single underlying file system, BeeGFS couldn’t […]

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