Tech Support Advisory: Yum updates fail from slurm package conflicts
posted on February 2, 2021

When performing a yum update or dnf update on your system, the update may fail with messages about conflicts between Slurm packages. This is caused by the addition of new Slurm packages in upstream repos that collide with custom packages installed by ACT. The errors may look like some of the following: Transaction check error: […]

Tech Tip: Sync Users Across Nodes
posted on February 8, 2019

Any time you add a new user on your cluster’s head node or make changes to an existing user, you will need to synchronize those changes across the entire cluster. Advanced Clustering makes this a simple task by using our act_authsync utility.  Learn how to do this in this tech tip. Did you miss a tech tip? […]

Tech Support Advisory: Read Before Updating Kernel to 7.5
posted on August 27, 2018

When updating the kernel to 3.10.0-862.11.1.el7 through 3.10.0-, there’s a bug where InfiniBand or Omni-Path cards do not come back up after a kernel update (i.e. they cannot communicate with the rest of the IB/OPA network). This will be accompanied by the message “failed to modify QP to RTR: -22” in either dmesg or /var/log/messages. Diagnostic Steps Run […]

Get Answers to Your HPC Questions in our Knowledge Base
posted on August 15, 2017

Have questions about high performance computing? Check Advanced Clustering’s HPC Knowledge Base to see if we have the answers you seek. If we don’t, submit  your HPC questions to our team of HPC hardware engineers. Our HPC experts has been compiling articles for our HPC Knowledge Base for the past 17+ years to guide you through everything […]

Backing Up Your HPC Cluster
posted on March 29, 2016

Advanced Clustering Technologies offers tech tips written by our engineers for the benefit of the HPC community. This week, we’d like to share our tips for backing up your cluster in honor or World Backup Day on March 31. Sometimes overlooked, making backups of your data is important for any cluster owner. Click here to […]

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