The latest edition of ClusterVisor is here!
posted on February 20, 2024

Advanced Clustering Technologies today launched the newest version of ClusterVisor, the HPC cluster management software solution. The launch followed a live webinar announcing the new features and functionality that was broadcast at 1 p.m. Central time via ZOOM. Among the new features discussed in the webinar: Completely redesigned web user interface Role based access control […]

Register for the launch webinar for the latest version of ClusterVisor
posted on February 6, 2024

Advanced Clustering Technologies has just announced the latest version of its ClusterVisor cluster management software solution will be available following a launch webinar at 1 p.m. Central on Tuesday, Feb. 20. Register for the webinar here. ClusterVisor provides the tools necessary to deploy, provision, manage, monitor, and maintain an HPC cluster for its lifetime. The […]

ClusterVisor: Our Cluster Management Solution (with new features for the new year)
posted on January 2, 2024

If you are you looking for a complete cluster management solution for your HPC cluster, you should consider ClusterVisor. Our cluster manager software gives you everything you need to deploy, provision, manage, monitor, and maintain your HPC cluster for its lifetime. We have just added some important new features. Chief among them is LogVisor AI, […]

Get Your Demo for ClusterVisor – our Cluster Manager
posted on December 8, 2023

What if it was possible to manage, monitor and maintain your HPC cluster from a single software tool? And back up everything with the same solution, acting as a disaster recovery tool? You could create rack diagrams. And create monitoring alerts based on any metric that matters to you. You could integrate with SLURM job […]

Announcing ClusterVisor 1.23.08 with major new features
posted on August 15, 2023

We are excited to announce the latest version of ClusterVisor (1.23.08) is now available.  This release not only adds many bug fixes reported by users, but a couple of major new features to stats / alerts, and stateless nodes. Here’s an overview of the new features: Stats / Alerts: ClusterVisor’s alerting mechanism has changed to […]

Case Study: Caltech Implements New ClusterVisor 1.0 to More Effectively Manage HPC Cluster
posted on July 24, 2023

The team at Caltech is using ClusterVisor to test a special software development project. “Our software that we are developing – RAM is usually the bottleneck. Memory is crucial with us. Nobody has this great tool. We have been sharing our excitement.” Read the case study.

BeeGFS Parallel File System Gets an Update
posted on July 5, 2023

ThinkParQ has just announced availability of the latest version of BeeGFS parallel file storage. Most notably, the 7.4.0 version supports cross-directory hard links and a vastly improved monitoring system. Cross-Directory Hard Links Because different directories in BeeGFS can live on different nodes and hard links are limited to a single underlying file system, BeeGFS couldn’t […]

Did you know we offer AI-optimized systems for inference and training?
posted on June 14, 2023

Today we published the latest edition of our monthly newsletter. Here are the highlights: AI is here! We can build a custom Artificial Intelligence system for you. Visit our site to learn the specs and capabilities of our AI servers and workstations. Use our Configurator to configure your AI cluster. Our Cluster Manager is getting […]

Accelerate Your Work with our Latest Gen Cloud Nodes on ACTnowHPC
posted on May 30, 2023

Advanced Clustering Technologies has upgraded its on demand ACTnowHPC cloud solution with nodes based on the latest generation Intel Xeon “Sapphire Rapids” processors. Powered by the Intel® Sapphire Rapids Xeon® 6430 (32-core at 2.1GHz), these 64-core nodes offer super fast NVMe drives and  eight channels of DDR5 memory offering a maximum of 4TB per server. ACTnowHPC is […]

Watch the ClusterVisor 1.0 Launch Webinar On Demand
posted on April 25, 2023

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us today for the webinar introducing ClusterVisor 1.0, our updated HPC cluster management system. This new version of ClusterVisor can be delivered via an appliance that acts as a disaster recovery tool and gives you everything you need deploy, provision, manage, monitor, and maintain the HPC cluster […]

In the News: ClusterVisor 1.0 Webinar Coming Soon
posted on April 17, 2023

Introducing ClusterVisor 1.0: Your Turn-Key Cluster Management System Advanced Clustering is hosting a webinar at 1 p.m. Central on Tues., April 25 to share the main features and benefits of our newly updated cluster management system, ClusterVisor 1.0. ClusterVisor offers an easy-to-use interface to deploy, provision, manage, monitor, and maintain your cluster for its lifetime. Our […]

Happy Holidays!
posted on December 14, 2022

From everyone here at Advanced Clustering Technologies, we wish you Happy Holidays! We will be sharing information about our latest generation of HPC products early in 2023, so stay tuned. We will also be sharing more details about the new and improved ClusterVisor cluster management solution. which debuted at SC22. Our office will be closed […]

ClusterVisor Undergoes Massive Overhaul to Provide More Customized Monitoring Features for Our Cluster Management Solution
posted on November 22, 2022

The ClusterVisor cluster management solution from Advanced Clustering Technologies allows you to manage your cluster from a web interface or from the command line. Updates are easily implemented cluster-wide. Monitor your cluster functions and create alerts as a failsafe against issues. Visualize your entire cluster with our built in rack diagram tool. This fall we […]

Case Study: UTFR Uses ACTnowHPC to Run CFD Simulations to Optimize Bodywork for Formula SAE Car Design
posted on September 19, 2022

For the fourth consecutive year, the University of Toronto Formula SAE Racing Team partnered with Advanced Clustering to make use of the company’s on-demand HPC cloud solution, ACTnowHPC. Andrija Stepanovic, Aerodynamics Lead for the team, said he joined the team two years ago and saw how the group’s approach to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has evolved. “We […]

Read the Latest News from Advanced Clustering
posted on September 14, 2022

In this week’s edition of our newsletter, Advanced Clustering Technologies announces that we will be exhibiting at SC22 this November in Dallas. This will be the first time we have exhibited since November 2019. We have a lot to talk about, and we hope you will visit our booth (#3643) to hear about new and […]

June newsletter: Get the latest news from Advanced Clustering
posted on June 21, 2022

We just sent our latest newsletter to subscribers. If you would like to receive the monthly updates from Advanced Clustering Technologies, an HPC systems integrator that has been building custom, turn-key HPC solutions for 20+ years, you can subscribe to the newsletter here. Here’s what we covered in the most recent issue: Download your copy of […]

Advanced Clustering Publishes New HPC Pricing Guide for 2022
posted on May 24, 2022

Advanced Clustering Technologies has just published a new edition of its popular HPC Pricing Guide to provide details about the kind of high performance computing system that can be purchased within three distinct budget amounts. “The last edition of our HPC Pricing Guide was released in May 2021 and featured systems that cost $150,000 or […]

The latest news from Advanced Clustering Technologies
posted on May 10, 2022

We just sent our latest newsletter to subscribers. If you would like to receive the monthly updates from Advanced Clustering Technologies, an HPC systems integrator that has been building custom, turn-key HPC solutions for 20+ years, you can subscribe to the newsletter here. Here’s what we covered in the most recent issue: Download our newly updated […]

Linux distribution update
posted on

Since the CentOS project has changed and is no longer tracking the standard RedHat releases, Advanced Clustering has been exploring options to help our customers plan for the migration that will be necessary at some future date. In the March edition of our newsletter, we asked our customers: What is your preference for Linux distribution […]

Download the New and Updated Grant Writing White Paper
posted on April 25, 2022

Advanced Clustering Technologies has just published the sixth edition of the White Paper called Best Practices for HPC Grant Proposal Writing. Based on interviews with customers who have successfully sought HPC grant funding, the white paper also draws upon the vendor’s 20+ years of experience supporting customers’ grant writing efforts. If you are planning to seek […]

ThinkParQ Announces Latest Release of BeeGFS
posted on April 20, 2022

ThinkParQ, the company behind the leading parallel file system BeeGFS, has just announced the immediate release of the latest version, BeeGFS v7.3.0. This new version includes support for a number of things including: NVIDIA’s Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage (GDS) client side multirail RDMA networking Arm architectures Linux 5.10 As more and more HPC driven workloads are […]

The Latest News from Advanced Clustering: Latest Gen AMD EPYC-Based Systems & Results of our Linux Distribution Survey
posted on April 12, 2022

Here is the latest news from Advanced Clustering Technologies, which was also shared in our monthly newsletter published today. You can subscribe here to stay informed about our latest news and product offerings. Our ACTblade and ACTserv Systems Support the Latest AMD EPYC™ Milan-X The third generation AMD EPYC processors are designed to optimize technical computing […]

Survey: What is your preference for Linux distribution?
posted on April 1, 2022

Since the CentOS project has changed and is no longer tracking the standard RedHat releases, Advanced Clustering has been exploring options to help our customers plan for the migration that will be necessary at some future date. In the March edition of our newsletter, we asked our customers: What is your preference for Linux distribution […]

Introducing the AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Milan-X Processors
posted on March 21, 2022

NVIDIA announced its latest generation processor during the GTC event that started today and runs through Thursday. The third generation AMD EPYC processors codenamed Milan-X are designed to optimize technical computing workloads like Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Electronic Design Automation (EDA), and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) that require intense computing power. Milan-X delivers performance gains […]

Don’t Miss the Latest Edition of Our Newsletter
posted on March 15, 2022

Advanced Clustering just published our latest newsletter today. We lead off with a survey to determine what Linux distribution our customers prefer now that  the CentOS project is no longer tracking Red Hat releases. Also in this issue: We also shared a link to our online Configurator where you can plan your next cluster or […]

Video: One of our core values and what it means for you
posted on March 3, 2022

Director of Sales Jim Paugh talks about one of our company’s main values, which remains as true today as it was when Advanced Clustering Technologies was founded in 2001: “We offer a wider variety of solutions because are not beholden to one platform or one architecture.”

Photo Gallery: Recent HPC Cluster Builds and Installations
posted on March 2, 2022

View the HPC Cluster Photo Gallery.

Subscribe to our newsletter to get our product updates.
posted on February 21, 2022

Joining our monthly newsletter is a great way to stay informed about Advanced Clustering’s latest products and services. Whenever we have information about new product launches or roadmaps, we share those details here. For the past year, we have also been using the newsletter as another way to keep our customers informed about the status […]

ThinkParQ Bestows 2021 Active Bee Award on Advanced Clustering
posted on January 27, 2022

Advanced Clustering Technologies has been awarded the “Active Bee Award” for 2021 by ThinkParQ, the company that engineered the BeeGFS parallel file system. The award is in recognition to the outstanding contributions and excellence in the support services of BeeGFS in the U.S. territory. Advanced Clustering partnered with BeeGFS to begin offering the parallel file […]

Introducing the ACTblade family based on 3rd Gen ‘Ice Lake’ Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
posted on April 6, 2021

Advanced Clustering Technologies today announced the ACTblade x3XX family of dense HPC systems, which are based on the new third generation of Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors code named Ice Lake. Ice Lake is a significant advancement over the previous generation, offering more cores, more clock, more memory and faster memory. And our new ACTblades offer flexibility with modular components that share […]

Our New ACTserv e4280c: An AMD-based GPU Powerhouse
posted on March 25, 2021

Advanced Clustering Technologies has just introduced a new system to our GPU server series. The ACTserv e4280c is a GPU powerhouse with 2x AMD Epyc 7002 series CPUs and up to 8x GPUs. It is an NVIDIA-Certified system for scalability, functionality, security, and performance. Key features include: Up to 8 x PCIe Gen4 GPGPU cards […]

Advanced Clustering Offering AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processor-Based Systems
posted on March 15, 2021

Advanced Clustering Technologies, a provider of custom, turn-key high performance computing hardware solutions, announced today that it is offering AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series based systems. The new systems, which will deliver maximum memory of 4TB, 128 PCI-e lanes and up to 64 cores per socket, are ideal for high-memory or I/O intensive workloads. The new […]

KC Mayor Congratulates Us on 20 years in Business
posted on February 16, 2021

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas recorded a congratulatory message this week to recognize Advanced Clustering Technologies for 20 years in business as a technology company in the metro area. “I want to congratulate Advanced Clustering Technologies on 20 years of business in Kansas City. Thank you for being part of our community. Thank you for […]

Free HPC Webinars Available for On Demand Viewing
posted on January 19, 2021

Last week we launched the Advanced Clustering Technologies webinar series for 2021 with two episodes. The live events were successful in drawing a crowd of interested parties. In fact, to our surprise 75% of those who registered for the sessions showed up for the actual events. And 87% of those who came stayed online for […]

CentOS 8 to be replaced by CentOS Stream in late 2021
posted on December 10, 2020

It was announced this week that the future of the CentOS Project is CentOS Stream. Over the next year, the focus will shift from CentOS Linux, the rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to CentOS Stream, which tracks just ahead of a current RHEL release. CentOS Linux 8, as a rebuild of RHEL 8, […]

Request a quote for your NSF MRI grant proposal
posted on December 3, 2020

Proposals for the National Science Foundation’s Major Research Instrumentation grant program are due January 19, 2021. If you need a quote for your grant proposal, we are happy to provide that.We will return a quote as quickly as possible. Use this quote request form to provide the details we need (such as node quantity, cores […]

ACT Publishes HPC Pricing Guide for AMD-based Systems
posted on September 9, 2020

For several years now our HPC Pricing Guide has offered our customers an overview of what sort of Intel processor-based HPC system could be purchased within three budget ranges – $150,000, $250,000 or $500,000. Now we offer a new version of the HPC Pricing Guide that provides the same information about AMD EPYC “Rome” processor-based systems […]

SC20 announces it will be all-virtual
posted on July 28, 2020

On July 27, SC20 organizers announced that this year’s event will be virtual only. We will be getting updates about how the show experience will unfold for attendees and exhibitors, but for now here are the things we do know: All presentations and sessions will be pre-recorded (NO live streaming) Sessions will include a question and answer […]

SC20: The Last Show Standing
posted on July 21, 2020

After PEARC20 makes its appearance as a virtual-only event next week, the only remaining HPC trade show on our calendar for this most unusual of years is SC20. While we have not made a final determination about whether or not we will be traveling to Atlanta in November to exhibit at the event, we can […]

Featured Product: ACTserv e2220
posted on July 10, 2020

Our ACTserv e2220 is a dual socket AMD EPYC “Rome” 2U system with 12x 3.5″ drive bays. It features 3200MHz DDR4 memory and 32x DIMM sockets for support up to 4TB. This system is ideal for memory-intensive workloads such as genomics codes, in-memory databases and real-time analytics. Check it out on our site and use the online Configurator to incorporate it into […]

HPC Hardware from Advanced Clustering aids Boston Children’s Hospital in Covid-19 research project
posted on June 30, 2020

Boston Children’s Hospital is acquiring high performance computing hardware from Advanced Clustering Technologies to support the hospital’s key role in a nationwide study that seeks to find new strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19. The IMPACC (IMmunoPhenotyping Assessment in a COVID-19 Cohort) study will include up to 2,000 Covid-19 patients from 10 to 12 […]

Intel debuts 3rd Gen Xeon (Cooper Lake) Processors
posted on June 18, 2020

Today Intel unveiled its third-generation Scalable Xeon processor (Cooper Lake) family for four- and eight-socket servers. Cooper Lake is designed to handle AI and analytics workloads running in the datacenter. The company announced 11 new SKUs with between 16-28 cores, up to 3.1 Ghz base clock (up to 4.3 Ghz with Turbo Boost), and support for […]

Scientific Computing World runs survey on scientific research use of HPC
posted on June 12, 2020

Scientific Computing World, a multi-platform publication for scientists and engineers using computing to further their research, would like to know more about practical issues faced by managers/directors of HPC resources and also those faced by researchers/scientists using those facilities. By completing this survey, you’ll help refine the information and content that the publication provides to become more […]

Advanced Clustering installs Bell’s Kiowa cluster
posted on September 16, 2019

    We were on-site recently at Bell installing their new Kiowa cluster.  Named for Bell’s renowned OH-58D Kiowa aircraft, their new system is powered by Advanced Clustering’s ACTblade x210 compute nodes and ACTserv x2280c GPU nodes.

Read all about our latest HPC deployments
posted on June 20, 2018

You can read about some of our latest HPC cluster deployments in the “In the News” section of our website. This page features Advanced Clustering headlines from other websites including industry sites and announcements from some of our customers. The page features articles about some of our recent HPC deployments including: Portland State University’s new Coeus […]

Wright State University’s HPC Cluster: ‘It’s here. It’s Ready.”
posted on April 6, 2018

Wright State University has just announced that its new high performance computing cluster is ready to support research across campus. “It’s here. It’s ready,” said Amit Sharma, an assistant professor of physics who led efforts to get the cluster. “I’m delighted.” Advanced Clustering Technologies built and installed the Wright State cluster. It consists of 36 […]

5 Things You May Not Know about Advanced Clustering Technologies
posted on May 25, 2017

1. Advanced Clustering built a free stress-test and hardware diagnostics tool. Breakin application is so powerful, it’s now used by several major component manufacturers in their validation and factory testing procedures. No other available product pinpoints hardware issues and component failures like Breakin. Every cluster built by Advanced Clustering Technologies undergoes a minimum of 24 hours running […]

Video: Brunson Discusses Mission of Oklahoma HPC Center
posted on April 10, 2017

In this video featured on, Dana Brunson from Oklahoma State talks about the mission of the Oklahoma High Performance Computing Center. The center is home to Cowboy, a supercomputer cluster built by Advanced Clustering Technologies that is comprised of 250 individual compute nodes. Cowboy helps researchers and scientists in diverse fields including bioinformatics, engineering, […]

Download our Guide to Features and Benefits of Knights Landing
posted on March 7, 2017

The new Knights Landing or KNL Intel® Xeon Phi™ is Intel’s first processor to deliver the performance of an accelerator with the benefits of a standard host CPU. Designed to help solve your biggest challenges faster and with greater efficiency, the KNL Intel Xeon Phi processor enables machines to rapidly learn without being explicitly programmed. It also helps drive […]

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