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Posted on December 8, 2023

What if it was possible to manage, monitor and maintain your HPC cluster from a single software tool? And back up everything with the same solution, acting as a disaster recovery tool? You could create rack diagrams. And create monitoring alerts based on any metric that matters to you. You could integrate with SLURM job data. You could create custom dashboards that highlight the data that matters most to you. And give your users the ability to do the same. You could use the built-in node and image cloner. You could manage users and get help with account creation and password recovery.

All of this and more is possible with ClusterVisor, our cluster management solution. ClusterVisor stores your cluster’s entire configuration, making it possible to manage every part of the cluster from the ClusterVisor interface or from the command line.

Among the key features of this latest edition of ClusterVisor:
• a statistics and monitoring engine
• a fully customizable UI
• integration with SLURM job data
• ability to create of monitoring rules and alerts
• a rack diagramming tool to visualize the entire cluster
• customize dashboards to highlight the most important data
• built-in node and image cloner
• user management, account creation and password recovery tools

ClusterVisor now also comes bundled with another highly useful tool we just built called LogVisor AI. We used AI, and our years of experience interpreting log file messages, to train a model that can scour through mountains of log file data in minutes and turn the most important error and failure messages into actionable alerts for you. LogVisor AI makes it possible for you to protect the health of your HPC cluster and all its parts without to wade into the endless lines of text in the average log file.

It’s time to see what you’ve been missing.

Request your demo of ClusterVisor today.


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