Advanced Clustering Technologies now offers ClusterVisor 1.0, a greatly enhanced update to the HPC cluster management solution we first launched in 2019.

This new version of ClusterVisor acts as a disaster recovery tool and gives you everything you need deploy, provision, manage, monitor, and maintain the HPC cluster for its lifetime.  

With this update, ClusterVisor becomes a powerful disaster recovery tool that is delivered via an appliance that de-couples the cluster management aspect from the role of a head node so that its primary role is just running the job scheduler.

The new ClusterVisor system stores a cluster’s entire configuration, making it possible to manage every part of the cluster from the ClusterVisor interface or from the command line.

Among the key features of this latest edition of ClusterVisor:
• a statistics and monitoring engine
• a fully customizable UI
• integration with SLURM job data
• ability to create of monitoring rules and alerts
• a rack diagramming tool to visualize the entire cluster
• customize dashboards to highlight the most important data
• built-in node and image cloner
• user management, account creation and password recovery tools

ClusterVisor helps organizations manage the cluster and its users while boosting application performance and improving cluster utilization.

Any statistic that is collecting by ClusterVisor can be used to create monitoring rules and alerts, thus enhancing cluster health and performance. The system also simplifies user management, account creation and password recovery.

Users are able to create their own custom dashboards to monitor the cluster activity that is most meaningful to that user.

Version 1.23.08 Now Available!

This update addresses bugs reported by users and adds a few new features to stats / alerts, and stateless nodes.

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