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Posted on March 7, 2017

The new Knights Landing or KNL Intel® Xeon Phi™ is Intel’s first processor to deliver the performance of an accelerator with the benefits of a standard host CPU. Designed to help solve your biggest challenges faster and with greater efficiency, the KNL Intel Xeon Phi processor enables machines to rapidly learn without being explicitly programmed. It also helps drive new breakthroughs using high performance modeling and simulation, visualization and data analytics.

Advanced Clustering Technologies has compiled a guide to Knight’s Landing features and benefits. Download your copy today.

Designed from the ground up to eliminate bottlenecks, the Knights Landing Intel Xeon Phi processor is Intel’s first bootable host processor specifically designed for highly parallel workloads, and the first to integrate both memory and fabric technologies.

Featuring up to 72 powerful and efficient cores with ultra-wide vector capabilities (Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions or AVX-512), the KNL Intel Xeon Phi processor raises the bar for highly parallel computing. With no dependency on the PCIe bus, the versatile processor is capable of handling a wide variety of workloads and configurations that are not supported by accelerators.

The new Knights Landing Xeon Phi Compute Blocks are specifically designed for parallelized workflows in the high performance computing (HPC) market. Contact your Advanced Clustering sales representative today to learn more. If you’re new to Advanced Clustering, email us today.

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