ClusterVisor: Our Cluster Management Solution (with new features for the new year)

Posted on January 2, 2024

ClusterVisor HPC cluster managerIf you are you looking for a complete cluster management solution for your HPC cluster, you should consider ClusterVisor.

Our cluster manager software gives you everything you need to deploy, provision, manage, monitor, and maintain your HPC cluster for its lifetime. We have just added some important new features.

Chief among them is LogVisor AI, our log file analysis tool for which we trained an AI model to search through the endless flow of log file messages in order to turn error and failure warnings into actionable alerts for you.

ClusterVisor simplifies cluster management and also gives your cluster’s users the ability to create their own dashboards and alerts, thus maximizing the cluster experience for them and minimizing backend admin work for you.  Learn more at and schedule your demo today.

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