Linux distribution update

Posted on May 10, 2022

Since the CentOS project has changed and is no longer tracking the standard RedHat releases, Advanced Clustering has been exploring options to help our customers plan for the migration that will be necessary at some future date. In the March edition of our newsletter, we asked our customers: What is your preference for Linux distribution going forward? The options were: Alma, CentOS Stream, Red Hat, Rocky, SUSE, Ubuntu, and Other.

Rocky was the clear winner.

Survey results - Preferred Linux distribution option










After analysis of CentOS migration options and our recent survey (above) to determine our customers’ Linux distribution preferences, we have made the following updates: Advanced Clustering Technologies’ ClusterVisor cluster management solution supports RHEL 8 and clones including Alma, and Rocky.  Development work has begun to support RHEL 9 (including clones) and Ubuntu.  We will announce availability for RHEL9 and Ubuntu support in a future newsletter.

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