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Posted on January 19, 2021

Last week we launched the Advanced Clustering Technologies webinar series for 2021 with two episodes. The live events were successful in drawing a crowd of interested parties.
In fact, to our surprise 75% of those who registered for the sessions showed up for the actual events. And 87% of those who came stayed online for the entire event. One attendee called the first session, Designing an HPC Cluster, “the best summary of available technology that I’ve ever heard.”

Now that the live events have concluded, we are making the sessions available for viewing on demand. You can watch them any time, any where at no charge. We hope you enjoy the presentations:

Designing an HPC Cluster
Our team discusses all elements of a cluster build and offers insights about the best options for processors, interconnects and more based on a variety of use cases. We will also touch upon technologies scheduled to launch in 2021 and ways you can be preparing your datacenter for new requirements now.
Watch it on demand:
Download the slidedeck presentation here.

Insider’s View of ClusterVisor
Advanced Clustering Technologies has designed ClusterVisor to enable you to easily deploy your HPC cluster and manage everything from the hardware and operating system to software and networking using a single GUI. ClusterVisor gives you everything you need to manage and make changes to your cluster over time. It’s not only simple – it’s flexible. Learn the ins and outs of this powerful tool, which is being included in all systems we build.
Watch it live on demand:
Download the slidedeck presentation here.

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