Advanced Clustering Technologies and Cornelis Networks Partner to Offer HPC Systems with Omni-Path Express Networking Fabric

Posted on September 23, 2021

Advanced Clustering Technologies, a leading provider of custom, turn-key high performance computing solutions, announces it is now offering HPC clusters and servers with Cornelis NetworksTM Omni-Path ExpressTM interconnect fabric technology.

With the introduction of the Cornelis Omni-Path Express portfolio of products, Advanced Clustering’s servers and clusters will be able to meet the demands of HPC environments in increments of 100 Gbps port bandwidth while providing low latency at extreme scale.   Cornelis Networks offers several Omni-Path Express products including 48-port edge switches, 6-slot Director Class switch (with support for up to 288 Gbps ports), and a 24-slot Director Class switch (with support for up to 1152 Gbps ports).

“Our customers now have a new option when it comes to meeting the unprecedented demands placed on the interconnect by workloads involving artificial intelligence, data analytics, and modeling and simulation,” said Kyle Sheumaker, President and CTO of Advanced Clustering Technologies. “Cornelis Networks offers an interconnect with proven performance and impressive versatility. It can be the only switch in small clusters or the first-tier switch in large clusters.”

Advanced Clustering has been building clusters for academic institutions, government agencies, national laboratories and commercial enterprises for more than 20 years. Cornelis supports more than 500 global customer installations with its high performance fabric solution.

“We are excited to be partnering with Advanced Clustering as a Cornelis Networks Elite Reseller Partner,“ said Russ Fromkin. “This partnership will enable us to provide a competitive choice with fabric solutions that are designed to meet the growing need for a flexible, scalable networking solution across multiple CPU architectures and GPU accelerators.”

Advanced Clustering’s latest generation high performance computing systems are built to support the most demanding scientific research workloads. The company’s custom-built HPC clusters are based on third generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (“Sky Lake”) or third generation AMD processors (“Milan”). For more information, visit

Cornelis Networks is a technology leader delivering purpose-built, high-performance fabrics, accelerating High Performance Computing, High Performance Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence workloads. The company’s current and future product lines enable customers to efficiently focus the computational power of many processing devices on a single problem, simultaneously improving both result accuracy and time-to-solution for highly challenging application workloads. Cornelis Networks delivers its end-to-end interconnect solutions worldwide through an established set of server OEM and channel partners. For more information, visit

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