“When we trace the history of our company, I am proud of the work we have done in service to our customers and the custom solutions we provide,” said Kyle Sheumaker, Advanced Clustering’s President, CTO and co-owner. “I am equally proud to say that whenever we have seen opportunities throughout these 20 years to contribute to the HPC industry, we have done so.”

Among those contributions are a suite of innovative tools and documents, including:

  • Breakin, the open source hardware stress test and hardware diagnostics tool that can pinpoint hardware issues and component failures, introduced in 2008
  • eQUEUE, the web-based job submission tool that enables users to run jobs on clusters from any web browser, launched in 2013
  • the HPC Pricing Guide, which offers a transparent look at the cost of building a cluster based on three budget levels, first published in 2015
  • ACTnowHPC, the HPC cloud service that gives users easy access to the latest HPC technologies including CPUs and interconnects, created in 2016
  • ClusterVisor, the HPC cluster manager that enables users to easily deploy an HPC cluster and manage everything from the hardware and operating system to software and networking using a single GUI. ClusterVisor debuted in 2019.

The majority of Advanced Clustering’s customers are institutions of higher education, and the company also serves government agencies, national laboratories and private industry.

“We are enormously proud of the successes we have experienced through 20 years of change,” said Robin Slattery, Vice President of Operations and company co-owner. “Our real success, I think, comes in seeing that when someone becomes a customer, they stay with us. I think that speaks not only to the products but also to the ongoing service and support that we provide. When you buy a cluster from us, our support lasts for the life of the system.”

In its 20 years as an HPC integrator, Advanced Clustering has developed partnerships with industry leaders including AMD, Intel, Mellanox, NVIDIA and ThinkParQ in order to offer top-notch hardware solutions to customers.

“One of the greatest values we bring to any opportunity that comes our way is that we are not beholden to any one platform or architecture,” said Jim Paugh, Director of Sales at Advanced Clustering. “That gives us the freedom to listen to what our customers need and plan a system that will best meet that need. It has been our experience that customers really appreciate this consultative approach to configuring HPC solutions.”

For a look back at Advanced Clustering Technologies 20 year history, including a timeline of key events and a behind the scenes video retrospective, visit https://www.advancedclustering.com/company-overview/actat20/.