What Is eQUEUE?
eQUEUE is a unique software solution that allows system administrators to create easy-to-use web-based job submission forms.

It is designed to increase cluster utilization by bringing more users to the cluster who would ordinarily stay away due to the complexity of submitting jobs to a cluster.

There is no need to learn Linux or scripting. The end user simply inputs his or her data into predefined fields and the job is now in the cluster’s queue to run.

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Our web-based job submission tool is featured among other services and tools designed to help users manage HPC resources effectively.

“The beauty of this system is that a job submitted through the web interface is just a job like anybody else’s.” – Kyle Sheumaker, CTO and President, Advanced Clustering Technologies

Key Features

Remove Visualization

Run interactive GUI applications on your cluster nodes using only a web browser.

Analytics / Reporting

Provide useful insights into how your cluster is performing and being utilized.

Access Files

Users provided a web interface to view, download, and tail files. No complicated file copy protocols.

Submitting Jobs

Customizable forms for easy job submission to your high performance computing cluster.

Job Management

Easily see running and queued jobs on the cluster, with simple tools to cancel jobs.

Job Insights

Get valuable statistics on jobs run on your cluster, including cpu, memory, and swap usage.

Job History

Users can easily see all of their previously run jobs. Including statistics on the how it ran.

Detailed Specifications

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