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Posted on January 4, 2021

Advanced Clustering Technologies invites you to join us for the first two webinars that will kick off our HPC webinar series in 2021.
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Designing an HPC Cluster
1 p.m. Central, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2020
Our team discusses all elements of a cluster build and offers insights about the best options for processors, interconnects and more based on a variety of use cases. We will also touch upon technologies scheduled to launch in 2021 and ways you can be preparing your datacenter for new requirements now.

Insider’s View of ClusterVisor
1 p.m. Central, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2020
Advanced Clustering Technologies has designed ClusterVisor to enable you to easily deploy your HPC cluster and manage everything from the hardware and operating system to software and networking using a single GUI. ClusterVisor gives you everything you need to manage and make changes to your cluster over time. It’s not only simple – it’s flexible. Learn the ins and outs of this powerful tool, which is being included in all systems we build.

Advanced Clustering Technologies: Building Custom, Turn-Key HPC Clusters for Nearly 20 Years
Advanced Clustering has been building custom, turn-key HPC solutions for customers for 19+ years. The company dedicates considerable time and energy to making HPC more accessible to our customers. Our site includes an online Configurator that guides the user through the decision making process of planning an HPC system.

In 2015 we first published our HPC Pricing Guides, which one recent reader commented, “in my whole career I’ve never seen such transparency in HPC pricing.”  We also published a white paper to help our customers navigate the process of writing an HPC grant proposal for the National Science Foundation’s Major Research Instrumentation program. The paper was based on interviews with customers who have successfully secured grant funding. We followed that up with a white paper about how to write a Request for Proposals document once grant funding is secured.

s a company, we also have a long history of developing innovative tools for the benefit of the HPC community. Examples include our eQUEUE web-based job submission tool, which simplified the process of submitting jobs to the cluster for those with little experience in doing so. This had the added benefit of increasing cluster utilization for our customers, which is a key requirement for grant recipients.

Our Breakin software is our open source hardware diagnostics tool. The Breakin application proved to be so powerful at finding hardware issues that it is now used by several major component manufacturers in their validation and factory testing procedures.

Finally we are now offering the ClusterVisor cluster management software solution with every system we built. ClusterVisor enables you to easily deploy your HPC cluster and manage everything from the hardware and operating system to software and networking using a single GUI.




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