Advanced Clustering Launching Log File Analyzer called LogVisor AI at SC23

Posted on October 24, 2023

Advanced Clustering Technologies today announced that the high performance computing systems integrator will launch a new log file analysis tool called LogVisor AI during the Supercomputing conference (SC23) next month in Denver.

LogVisor AI analyzes log files and re-organizes the data, bringing forward items deemed critical to the health and proper functions of the system.   Since log files can be littered with thousands of messages, LogVisor AI, using Advanced Clustering’s custom built AI model, can help filter out the critical messages, finding the needle in the proverbial haystack.

“Your log files are trying to talk to you, but they are so data-intensive that it’s easy to miss critical information about errors or potential failures in a sea of text,” said Kyle Sheumaker, CTO and President of Advanced Clustering. “With LogVisor AI, we used AI and our knowledge of log messages to train an AI model that identifies and categorizes messages so that all critical information can be brought to your attention for review and action.”

LogVisor AI is the culmination of years of knowledge gained by helping Advanced Clustering’s customers and encountering issues. Advanced Clustering engineers were able to transfer those same insights into an AI model that can automatically label and detect issues in log entries for customers. As new issues are encountered, the model will continue to improve over time, becoming all the better at detecting and alerting customers to potential issues.

LogVisor AI will be bundled as part of Advanced Clustering’s cluster management tool, ClusterVisor, which gives administrators of high performance computing clusters the tools necessary to deploy, provision, manage, monitor, and maintain the HPC cluster for its lifetime.

ClusterVisor, first launched in 2019, has been given other important updates that also will be debuting at SC23.

“When used together, ClusterVisor and LogVisorAI provide system administrators with a powerful set of tools to manage the health and performance of the HPC cluster,” Sheumaker said. “We feel that these features must be seen to be believed, so we will be offering live demos of ClusterVisor and LogVisorAI at SC23.”

To request a demo at SC23, visit us online at

SC23 takes place Nov. 13-16 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. For more information visit

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