Watch our webinar about BeeGFS on our YouTube Channel

Posted on October 29, 2021

If you missed the webinar we hosted this week, never fear. You can watch the presentation in its entirety on the Advanced Clustering YouTube Channel.

During the 30-minute webinar presentation, we were joined by members of the ThinkParQ team to discuss the features and benefits of the BeeGFS parallel filesystem. You can listen to the Advanced Clustering team outline our approach to implementing BeeGFS into the HPC systems we build for our customers. We also highlight some recent installations, including real-world performance and feedback from customers. ThinkParQ representatives who build and maintain BeeGFS provide an overview into the technical and commercial benefits of BeeGFS, along with describing how BeeGFS accelerates extreme HPC scale-out environments.

Tune in here for the recording of “Accelerating Extreme HPC Scale-Out Environments with BeeGFS.”

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