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Request Your Copy of Our New HPC Pricing Guide

Posted on January 12, 2018
HPC Pricing Guide

This is a facsimile of our latest HPC Pricing Guide. Request your free copy of the HPC Pricing Guide today.

Want to know what kind of HPC cluster you can get for your money?

Advanced Clustering’s new HPC Pricing Guide provides you with insights about the optimal HPC cluster available based on three budget amounts – $150,000, $250,000 and $500,000.

The high performance computing solutions presented in the new HPC Pricing Guide feature the latest generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (codename “Skylake”).

These processors deliver advanced performance with up to 28 cores and significant increases in memory and I/O bandwidth (with six memory channels and 48 PCIe lanes) to handle extremely large compute- and data-intensive workloads.

Download your free copy of the HPC Pricing Guide today.

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