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Key Features

When delivered via an appliance, ClusterVisor has major advantages over the other option – installation on the head node. Read more.

Our AI log file analysis tool, LogVisor AI, is tightly integrated with ClusterVisor, classifying logs by severity so alerts can be  created. Read more.

ClusterVisor helps node configuration and has a full suite of node control and management tools. Read more.

Managing users and groups is an important piece of a successful HPC cluster. ClusterVisor makes this easy. Read more.

Dashboards can help you see cluster-wide information and compare multiple nodes or devices against each other. Read more.

The ClusterVisor appliance holds all of the images for your whole system, so you can reinstall nodes. Read more.

ClusterVisor makes web-based rack diagramming an easy to use drag and drop experience. Read more.

ClusterVisor makes it easy to keep track of cluster health. Any stat collected by ClusterVisor can become an alert. Read more.

ClusterVisor becomes the point of truth for your entire cluster. It stores the configuration for the whole system. Read more.

ClusterVisor has a full featured set of operating system provisioning tools including an image cloner. Read more.

With the SLURM integration active you can easily see jobs running on your system. Read more.

Do you prefer the command line vs a GUI? ClusterVisor was designed to support both administrative styles. Read more.

Now comes bundled with our new 
log file analysis tool, LogVisor AI

LogVisor AI is powered by our AI model that we trained to identify important log file messages and turn them into actionable alerts for you.

Who Uses ClusterVisor

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