Disaster Recovery

ClusterVisor acts as a disaster recovery tool when used with the appliance.

Disaster Recovery

ClusterVisor can help you recover your system when disaster strikes.  Since the ClusterVisor appliance can provision all the nodes in your cluster (including head nodes, login nodes, and storage) – a node can be easily redeployed.  Learn more about node provisioning.

As the system administrator you can make new images of important nodes or update existing ones on your schedule.  This way the appliance can always have the latest copy of the image.  Recovery can be as simple as re-installing the same machine, or even deploying to a bare-metal brand new machine. 

You can create as many images as you wish (depending on disk-space limitations).  Creating images just takes a few minutes from a running system, and deploying images back to nodes can also be accomplished in just minutes.

Re-installing Nodes 

If you choose to deploy ClusterVisor on a head node instead of an appliance, you still have the ability to recover your compute nodes, but since the head node is running ClusterVisor it can’t recover itself.  This is why we recommend deploying ClusterVisor via an appliance.  There are other useful benefits you get from the appliance you can read about here.

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