How Strong is Your Cluster Utilization?

Posted on August 19, 2016

eQUEUEAre your HPC cluster’s users staying away because they find it too difficult to submit jobs?

We ask because cluster utilization is an important consideration. Cluster utilization is one of the main key performance indicators (KPIs) of any datacenter. Cluster utilization is important for your capacity planning, and it also informs your decisions about future infrastructure expansions. Put another way, you need people using your HPC cluster in order to justify its existence as well as its future.

Advanced Clustering Technologies has a tool to help you increase cluster utilization. eQUEUE is our job submission tool. eQUEUE makes it easy to run jobs on your cluster. Users no longer need to understand complex job schedulers, the Linux command line, shell scripting, etc.

Administrators create forms using a simple INI format for applications on the cluster (see sample below).
Users pick the application they wish to run, answer a few questions, and the job is now submitted to the cluster. All with only their web browser.

eQUEUE utilizes your existing scheduler, so there’s nothing new to setup or configure. All existing scheduling rules and permissions will still apply. Jobs submitted through eQUEUE act no differently than jobs submitted on the command line.

eQUEUE’s easy to use forms virtually eliminate any user error when submitting jobs. Creating happy users and a better utilized system.

Learn more about eQUEUE and find out how this tool can help you increase your cluster utilization.

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