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Fixing Firewall Zones In CentOS 7.5

As of CentOS 7.5, the use of ZONE=<zone> no longer works in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* files. The most notable side-effect of this is that all nodes that accessed the Internet through the head node will no longer be able to do so until this is remedied. The new way of setting up zones in the firewall is […]

Finding the serial number of your ACT system

When contacting support, it’s best to find the serial number of your ACT system and have it handy when you open a ticket via the website, via email, or when calling in.  Providing the serial number allows us to quickly look up your system, and see the configuration of your system which is often relevant […]

RMAs: How to package compute blades

Half U boxes sent for compute node repair will have the following items inside them: Two white bases Anti Static Bag Grey foam slab Place the two white bases in the bottom of the box. Cover the compute node with the anti-static bag and place the compute node, top up, on the white bases. Place […]

RMA process – beginning to end

Once you have contacted ACT support concerning a failing device and an RMA has been created you will: Receive email notification the RMA was created. Receive email notification once the replacement part has shipped. Receive the replacement part and a return shipping label will be included in the packaging (or sent to you via email) […]

Example RMA Request

If you believe you have a faulty device and your system is still under warranty, this guide will cover submitting an RMA request. To start you can submit a support ticket at: http://advancedclustering.com/support/ticket.html Or you can email ACT support directly: [email protected] Below is an example email containing all the important information needed to get an […]

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