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Example RMA Request

If you believe you have a faulty device and your system is still under warranty, this guide will cover submitting an RMA request.

To start you can submit a support ticket at:

Or you can email ACT support directly:
[email protected]

Below is an example email containing all the important information needed to get an RMA started immediately:

Name: *****

Company: *****

Serial # of your server: *****

Subject: Disk Issues

While running breakin I got smart errors on drive sdb

ERR 00h 00m 16s hdhealth – SMART errors on sdb
ERR 00h 00m 28s hdhealth – SMART errors on sdb
ERR 00h 00m 40s hdhealth – SMART errors on sdb

The hard drives serial number is: ******

Can I please get a replacement drive?

With the above information we can:

  • Look up the warranty information for you serial number to see if it is still active
  • See an example of system logged errors showing that the hard drive is going bad
  • Create an RMA to get a new drive sent to you
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