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RMA process – beginning to end

Once you have contacted ACT support concerning a failing device and an RMA has been created you will:

  • Receive email notification the RMA was created.
  • Receive email notification once the replacement part has shipped.
  • Receive the replacement part and a return shipping label will be included in the packaging (or sent to you via email)
  • Place the original, faulty device in the provided packaging and use the return shipping label

Please be sure to send back the faulty device so that we can completely finish the RMA process with the devices manufacturer.

If an device has reached end of life it may need to be shipped directly to the manufacturer for repair. In these cases we will provide you with shipping labels directly to the manufacturer, and have it shipped directly back to you once repaired.

Use our Breakin stress test and diagnostics tool to pinpoint hardware issues and component failures.
Check out our product catalog and use our Configurator to plan your next system and get a price estimate.

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