Advanced Clustering Now Offers STAR-CCM+® In the Cloud

Posted on March 7, 2016

Advanced Clustering Technologies has partnered with CD-adapco to offer the company’s industry-leading engineering simulation software solution, STAR-CCM+®, to customers using Advanced Clustering’s on demand HPC cluster in the cloud, ACTnowHPC.

ACTnowHPC cloud supercomputing

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“We’re pleased to announce that our HPC cloud now makes STAR-CCM+® immediately accessible to engineers who purchase the license from CD-adapco,” said Kyle Sheumaker, President of Advanced Clustering Technologies. “With STAR-CCM+®, we’re making it easier than ever for our customers to enhance workflow productivity in order to discover better designs faster.”

Engineers need computational fluid dynamics solutions that span a multitude of physical phenomena in order to see the big picture and solve complex industrial problems. As a global provider of multidisciplinary engineering simulation and design exploration software, CD-adapco created STAR-CCM+® to give engineers the ability to simulate whole systems with computational fluid dynamics and not just individual components, enabling engineers to simulate the performance of their design in the context that it will actually be used.

“Giving engineers instant access to the massively parallelized STAR-CCM+® software will significantly accelerate the pace of product design cycles for our customers in the cloud,” Sheumaker said. “Engineers will gain the ability to automate entire simulation workflows to drive design changes and achieve engineering objectives.”

CD-adapco offers Power-On-Demand licensing, which provides fully flexible computing with usage counted by the hour and not by the process or core. That means extra licensing capacity is available at times of high demand or when cloud computing is chosen. Once the license is purchased, the customer can run on the ACTnowHPC cloud, which makes CFD design exploration affordable.

With STAR-CCM+®, engineers don’t have to compromise usability and functionality.
STAR-CCM+® provides engineering solutions for enterprise, whether the engineer is new or a research and development simulation expert.

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