Plan your next HPC system with our Configurator

Posted on February 4, 2019

When you are making plans for your next HPC hardware purchase, finding the right balance between price and performance can prove challenging. You can start making plans for your next HPC system using our online Configurator.

From the Product Catalog, you can click the Configure button to begin using the Configurator for any of our servers, storage solutions or workstations. You can click the Compare+ button to compare products side-by-side on the page – a very useful tool if you’re comparing features and prices.

The Configurator will give you all available choices for your selection including such items as processor(s), memory, drive choices, power supply, video cards, input device and warranty. As you make selections, the Configurator will give you updated pricing information. Power estimates for each product are available as well to help you evaluate each product.

At any point during your Configurator session, you may choose to add your selection to a cart or request a quote. You can add multiple items to your cart and request one complete quote that covers all selections. Once a product is in your cart, you can make additional selections to configure an entire cluster with options that include additional nodes, Ethernet network, high-speed interconnect, parallel filesystem, racks/cabinets, power or software and services.


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