Mellanox Launches ConnectX-5 Adapter

Posted on June 16, 2016

Mellanox this week announced ConnectX-5, the next-generation of its 100G InfiniBand and Ethernet adapter line. The new device will help organizations take advantage of real-time data processing for high performance computing, data analytics, machine learning, national security and ‘Internet of Things’ applications.

Designed to connect with any computing infrastructure – x86, Power, GPU, ARM, and FPGA – ConnectX-5 employs a variety of offload engines. With ConnectX-5 and Switch-IB2, 60 percent of the MPI algorithms are now being executed on the network.

ConnectX-5 also exposes what Mellanox is referring to as in-network memory. With a small memory address space accessible by the application, data can be stored or made accessible on the network devices with the goal of enabling faster reach from different endpoints.

Mellanox said it expects to start shipping ConnectX-5 in Q3 of this year.
Read the full announcement here.

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