Growing Number of Life Scientists Will Need HPC This Year

Posted on May 18, 2015

Life sciences and high performance computingLife science researchers who previously were able to manage their compute-intensive work with traditional workstations and simple clusters are finding that they will need more powerful HPC systems in 2015.

According to a new report from, Ari Berman, GM of Government Services, the BioTeam consulting firm, said: “Roughly 25 percent of life scientists, and this includes bench-level scientists, will require HPC capabilities in 2015, few of whom have ever used a command line.”

This emerging need for HPC in life sciences research is being driven largely by complex DNA sequence data but also by proteomic data, protein structure data, cell and organelle imaging data and pathway modeling data.To manage all of these complex data-driven projects, life scientists are looking for such popular features as resource mapping, map GPU to CPU, core-based scheduling, rich resource management, memory, accelerators and application-aware scheduling.

Advanced Clustering offers a way for scientists who have never used a command line to make use of cluster computing. eQUEUE, a web-based job submission software tool, makes it possible to submit jobs to an HPC cluster remotely without having to know a single line of code. Advanced Clustering Technologies specializes in HPC products and services for life sciences, including:
• Workstations and servers for remote visualization
• GPU and coprocessors available in a compact form factor
• High-density rack clusters preconfigured and set up for effortless deployment
• Lustre and general-purpose file system storage servers
• Free consultation to help determine which servers best support your needs

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