Introducing ACTnowHPC, Our On-Demand HPC Cloud Service

Posted on November 18, 2015
ACTnowHPC cloud supercomputing

Sign up for your free trial of ACTnowHPC today and get 500 core hours free.

Advanced Clustering is proud to announce that we are expanding our high performance computing offerings to include an on-demand HPC cloud service.

The service, called ACTnowHPC, gives users easy access to the latest HPC technologies including CPUs, accelerators and interconnects without the upfront capital outlay for HPC hardware.

“Our enhanced HPC cloud service answers a growing demand from our customers for an HPC cloud built to meet workload demands without the need to buy hardware,” said Kyle Sheumaker, President of Advanced Clustering Technologies. “With this service, users can scale the level of service to meet their changing needs. Each user starts with one free login node and 100 GB of free storage. We wanted to make sure users are only paying for the jobs they run on the cluster.”

Pricing for the cloud HPC service starts at 10 cents per core hour with multiple log-in node and storage options available. Many HPC applications are pre-installed on the cluster for faster start-up times.

“ACTnowHPC is built for HPC but you don’t have to be an HPC expert to use it,” Sheumaker said. “What distinguishes ACTnowHPC is the use of bare metal hardware, which means users have access to compute nodes that are non-virtualized for best performance.”

There are four login node packages, including a free level. For additional information and pricing, visit

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