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Posted on February 14, 2014

ULLTraDIMMs, super fast storage

When companies work together, good things can happen. This is demonstrated by the collaboration of SMART storage and Diablo Technologies to develop a new line of ultra-low latency storage, the ULLtraDIMM.

The ULLtraDIMM’s design connects flash storage to the memory bus by placing flash as close as possible to the CPU using the DIMM form factor. This allows newer applications that require ultra-low latency access to cost effective storage devices. The ULLtraDIMM is able to achieve a less than 5 microsecond write latency, outperforming even the 15-19 microsecond PCIe-based drives . ULLtraDIMM is also able to leverage the lowest-cost MLC flash available on the market, while providing up to 10 Drive Writes Per Day to meet the needs of write intensive and mixed-workload applications.

The DIMM form factor allows the ULLtraDIMM to be used in any available DDR3 memory slot on the motherboard, enabling it to be deployed in any server or blade system found in data centers today. The trade-off is that as many DIMM slots are sacrificed for this new storage option. One will need to enhance the BIOS to utilize the UltraDIMM and Advanced Clustering Technologies is investigating support for our full line of Pinnacle Servers.

Capacity can be scaled with each additional ULLtraDIMM that is inserted into a memory slot. 
 The ULLtraDIMM can achieve performance of 150K read IOPS and 65K write IOPS, 1GB/s and 760MB/s of sustained read/write performance and can scale I/O performance linearly while maintaining consistent write latency.

The ULLtraDIMM is initially available in capacities of 200GB and 400GB, and utilizes 1xnm MLC flash.  Contact your sales professional at Advanced Clustering to discuss this exciting new technology.

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