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Posted on June 17, 2014

At Advanced Clustering Technologies, we understand that a significant source of funding for many of our clients’ cluster purchases comes from one government alphabet agency (NSF) or another (DOE). That means spending a lot of time preparing lengthy proposals in an effort to secure funding to support a particular research interest. This often involves several people within an institution and requires different contributions from people with different skill sets.

One aspect of the grant proposal is getting the computational resources necessary to run applications and compile data. But what hardware will best do the job at hand? This is where Advanced Clustering staff can help. We work with the scientists to determine what they want to do and then propose ideas on how best to achieve their goals. We base these suggestions on our past experience with particular applications and configurations, but it is important to note that this is also a collaborative effort to determine the best configuration to match the researchers’ goals.

We then put together a quote for a turnkey system. It includes a complete description of what is included but also a technical write-up that can be included in the proposal submission. We also understand there is a time lapse between grant request and grant award – so much so that new generations of technology can bome on the market. Once you find out you have been funded, we can easily update your quote to this latest technology, and this typically means significant improvements in computational horsepower than what was originally specified.  It is one less thing to worry about when working on your grant proposal. So when you’re ready to apply for a grant, contact [email protected], and we’ll help you create a technically solid and winning proposal.

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