Collect your commemorative pins at Supercomputing 2018

Posted on November 12, 2018

Collect all Intel BunnyPeople pins by visiting Intel partner booths in the SC18 exhibit hall. One Intel pin and the special Advanced Clustering pin are available in booth 3741. Tweet a photo of your Advanced Clustering pin with the hashtag #act4hpc” before the conclusion of SC18 for your chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Intel has launched a new campaign to encourage Supercomputing 2018 attendees to visit the exhibit hall booths of Intel partners. The company has produced commemorative BunnyPeople™ lapel pins specifically for the SC18 event, which starts tonight with a Welcome Reception at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. The event concludes Thursday afternoon.

SC18 attendees can collect all 42 pins by visiting Intel partner booths spread throughout the exhibit hall floor. Advanced Clustering will be among the partners who will distribute an Intel BunnyPeople pin along with a special edition pin that Advanced Clustering commissioned for SC18.

Collect the Advanced Clustering pin in booth 3741 

Advanced Clustering Technologies has commissioned its own commemorative SC18 pin, which can be collected at booth 3741 on the tradeshow floor. The pin depicts a racked HPC system like the ones the company has been building for the past 17+ years. SC18 attendees who tweet a photo of their Advanced Clustering pin and include the hashtag #ACTforHPC before the conclusion of SC18 will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. 

Origins of the Intel Bunny People character

The Intel Bunny People character was modeled after the company’s clean room technicians who first started wearing “bunny suits” at Intel’s Fab 3 facility in Livermore, California in 1973. The so-called bunny suit covered the worker to prevent hair and skin particles from being shed into a clean room environment which could ruin the microscopic circuitry of a computer chip.

Intel’s Bunny People character debuted on TV during the Super Bowl in 1997.  The dancing Bunny People commercials became quite popular at the time, leading to a line of plush Bunny People dolls, which were available as promotional give-aways at Intel sponsored events.

If you’re attending SC18, you can visit the Intel booth information desk to get a list of Intel partners to start your search for the collectible pins. Visit Advanced Clustering in booth 3741 to get the Intel and Advanced Clustering pins.

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