Case Study: Cloud Speeds Up Research for Biotech Company

Posted on March 2, 2016

In our latest case study, a researcher at Bioo Scientific shares the story of her success in using the ACTnowHPC on-demand HPC cluster in the cloud to conduct research.

Bioo Scientific was running on a workstation before joining ACTnowHPC. This is adequate when working on only one gene for one panel. However, the challenge researchers face is that panels vary in size. For instance, when trying to work on 21 panels composed of 58 genes, there are 700 targets. Trying to run 700 jobs locally did not make sense, nor was it economical.

The company turned to the ACTnowHPC cloud solution so that the work could be done in parallel, which meant the results are delivered much faster. Cloud computing allows Bioo Scientific to process custom work much more efficiently. After testing several platforms, Bioo Scientific discovered that ACTnowHPC delivers results more quickly due to less queue time and slightly better processing time on a per job basis. Today Bioo Scientific is utilizing the cloud cluster to run NextflexTM Amplicon StudioTM for the mass design of target specific PCR primers.

Using ACTnowHPC allows Bioo Scientific to accept several custom orders and design high quality primers more efficiently. The cloud reduces time from initial customer contact to product delivery because it allows for much higher throughput of information. The ability to run hundreds of jobs at the same time is really what makes the difference.

Read the full case study here.

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