AMD’s EPYC Rome Posts Benchmarks on Popular HPC Applications

Posted on August 22, 2019

AMD is sharing a series of benchmarking results now that the new EPYC 7002 series “Rome” processors are launched and available.
Two of the applications are of particular interest to our customers, who frequently use WRF and GROMACS.

Weather Modeling with WRF
The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model application is a weather prediction system designed for both atmospheric research and operational forecasting applications.

For researchers, WRF can produce simulations based on actual atmospheric conditions (i.e., from observations and analyses) or idealized conditions. It offers operational forecasting a flexible and computationally-efficient platform, while
reflecting recent advances in physics, numerics, and data assimilation.

Here are the benchmark results:
AMD tested the single-node performance of the 1st Gen EPYC 7601 processor (32 cores) and the 2nd Gen EPYC 7542 (32 cores) and EPYC 7742 (64 cores) processors.

GROMACS Molecular Dynamics Simulation

GROMACS is designed for simulations of proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. It supports all the usual algorithms expected from a modern molecular dynamics implementation. GROMACS can be run in parallel in a multi-node.

Here are the benchmarks as reported by AMD:
AMD tested the single-node performance of two-socket systems across each of the AMD EPYC processors.

  • They found a very strong generational improvement of ~68% between the EPYC 7601 and the EPYC 7542
  • Also, the higher core count of the 2nd Gen EPYC 7742 gives GROMACS an impressive ~156% average performance boost over the 1st generation EPYC 7601.

Read more about GROMACS benchmarks on AMD EPYC 7002 series processors.

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