ACTnowHPC website highlights cloud features and benefits

Posted on June 29, 2016

Advanced Clustering has re-launched to offer more detailed information about the high performance computing cloud cluster, the industries it serves and the ways it helps users access the latest technology. The new site includes case studies from satisfied HPC cloud customers and details about the on-boarding and job running processes.

Advanced Clustering’s HPC cloud provides users with the ability to overcome persistent challenges to on-campus high performance computing, including long wait times for HPC resources or a complete lack of such resources.

“ACTnowHPC is ideal for customers who need more capacity than the campus data center can provide without interrupting existing projects,” said Kyle Sheumaker, president of Advanced Clustering Technologies.

The cloud cluster features bare metal hardware to spare users the performance penalties of virtualization. The cluster uses 2133MHz DDR4 memory and high speed, low latency FDR Infiniband networking between all nodes. ACTnowHPC comes with a software stack already installed and is managed by the cluster engineers at Advanced Clustering Technologies.

ACTnowHPC is easy to deploy and gives users rapid scalability on a pay-as-you-go basis. The operating systems, MPI libraries, schedulers and compilers are pre-installed and pre-configured so that users can start running jobs in minutes.

“Our customers like that ACTnowHPC is as fast or faster than the on-premises resources,” Sheumaker said. “We’re providing a quick and easy way to reduce research costs and preserve grant budgets for experimentation and analysis.”

Learn more about Advanced Clustering’s cloud service at and sign up to start your free trial, which includes 500 free core hours.

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