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Advanced Clustering Publishes ARC Case Study E-mail
Written by Jim Paugh   
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 16:33

Kansas City, KS, April 15, 2014 -Advanced Clustering Technologies announces the publication of a case study it collaborated on with Auto Research Center (ARC).  ARC looks for ways to stretch fuel efficiencies for a variety of vehicles: from passenger cars to race cars to commercial trucks. In addition, they are running simulations to find tactical advantages for military vehicles. It expanded its cluster resources in 2012 in an effort to improve run-time on simulations. The software they develop and use for ground vehicle development, called ELEMENTS, is able to take advantage of the latest in processor and interconnect technologies that included, at that time, the newest Xeon processors and 40Gb/s InfiniBand as the method for their nodes sharing and processing their data. Engineers from Advanced Clustering Technologies worked with their counterparts in architecting the optimum configuration, then arrived on-site to install it and get it ready for production. The process went very smoothly and as a result of their experience, Advanced Clustering recently completed an upgrade to this cluster.

Advanced Clustering Releases eQUEUE Commercial E-mail
Written by Jim Paugh   
Friday, 21 February 2014 14:39

Kansas City, KS, February 24, 2014 -Advanced Clustering Technologies announces the world premiere of their first commercial about eQUEUE. It explains what eQUEUE is, what it can do for both high performance computing (HPC) cluster administrators and users. First introduced at SC13, eQUEUE has three main components: 1) Web-based job submission tool; 2) Remote visualization; and 3) Advanced analytics.

This new explainer video gives viewers a high-level overview of what eQUEUE can do for them from both an administrator's and user's perspective.  eQUEUE was created to make it easier for system administrators to bring more users to their cluster by allowing them to build easy-to-use job submission forms.  It is cross-platform so it works with Windows, Mac and Linux.  It is also accessible via any modern web browser.  A second key feature is the remote visualization component.  By accessing the cluster's GPU nodes, users can visualize large datasets already on the cluster - there is no need download huge files or install software on their own computers, so this can be done on modest internet connections.  It also includes a feature that allows you to exit a session on one computer and pick it up from the same point at a later date and from a different computer.  eQUEUE also includes an advanced analytics tool that gives administrators key insights into how their cluster is being used.  This is a built-in feature (as is the remote visualization component) that compiles this information from the accounting logs of the job scheduler resident on the cluster.  it can be used to analyze one's cluster at the user, group and queue level.

Advanced Clustering Technologies Celebrates 13 Years in Business! E-mail
Written by Jim Paugh   
Thursday, 13 February 2014 20:39

Kansas City, KS, February 14, 2014 -Today, Advanced Clustering Technologies celebrates 13 years in business, all of them spent in the high performance computing (HPC) industry. Thirteen years ago, Advanced Clustering Technologies opened its doors for business. Since that day, they have worked with incredible people and outstanding organizations doing incredible things. Said Robin Slattery, co-owner and VP of Operations: “We’ve been fortunate to work with not only the best people in the industry, but also having our great team here at Advanced Clustering. They are what keep our customers coming back to us.”

Their clusters have been used to expand the reaches of science and technology: from helping to better understand genetic disorders in children, to improving hurricane tracking, to developing alternative forms of energy, and too many more to mention. They have partnered with the top scientists, engineers, and researchers across North America over the years, and look forward to continuing developing and strengthening those relationships for many years to come. As part of their 13th birthday celebration, for the remainder of February, they will be giving away one-year licenses of eQUEUE, their powerful new job-submission tool to new cluster and cluster add-on purchases. You can visit their website, www.advancedclustering.com, for more details.

About Advanced Clustering Technologies, Inc.

Formed and incorporated in 2001, Advanced Clustering Technologies is a premier provider of Apex Computing Clusters, Linux-based Pinnacle servers and Horizon workstations. With its powerful and innovative technology, Advanced Clustering provides solutions for organizations involved in all types of research including biotechnology, chemical modeling, weather forecasting, oil and gas exploration, and visualization. Through its product lines, Advanced Clustering builds some of the fastest clusters and systems in the world.

eQUEUE released at SC13 E-mail

Kansas City, KS, November 18, 2013 –Advanced Clustering Technologies, Inc., announces the release of eQUEUE, an intuitive web-based front-end job submission tool.  It was developed as a way to increase cluster utilization by making it easier to run jobs on a cluster. This allows users to run jobs on clusters from any web browser and has the added value of virtually eliminating errors through these pre-defined job submission scripts.  

Advanced Clustering Technologies will host a webinar on eQUEUE on January 28th, 2014 at 1pm CST. In this short webinar, learn how Advanced Clustering's eQUEUE software can increase utilization and make your existing cluster easy to use. The webinar will consist of a short set of slides, a live demonstration of the software, and complete Q&A session.

Click the link below (or copy and paste in your browser window) to reserve your place in this space limited event.


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