Hear from other grant winners about best practices for writing your RFP.
We interviewed customers who recently navigated the process of writing an RFP in support of an HPC grant-funded purchase. Based on their insights and our 20+ years of experience, we published a guide to best practices for writing your RFP. Most importantly, we help you avoid common RFP pitfalls that have the potential to delay or even derail your acquisition of HPC equipment. Download the RFP white paper here.

Configure a system that exceeds your needs and leverage the most suitable components.
There are potentially hundreds of decisions that come into play when you are configuring your next HPC system. Any one of these can lead to frustrations, unnecessary costs and, worse still, performance challenges. Use our Online Configurator at advancedclustering.com to start configuring your system. Our team of HPC engineers will review your plans and make recommendations that will help you arrive at the best possible system configuration. Start using the Configurator now.

Take the mystery out of HPC pricing considerations.
Advanced Clustering Technologies understands that there is a lot to consider when planning your next HPC cluster. Not least of these concerns has to do with how much the system will cost.
Through the publication of our HPC Pricing Guide, we bring transparency to the question of how much each component will cost so that you can see the whole picture. Once you understand
where the money is spent, you can make informed decisions about things you need and things you can find an acceptable balance between price and performance for your cluster. Download the latest edition of our HPC Pricing Guide.

Learn how you can manage your HPC cluster more effectively and efficiently.
We designed our own cluster management solution called ClusterVisor to give you everything you need to deploy, provision, manage, monitor, and maintain the HPC cluster for its lifetime.
When deployed with our appliance, ClusterVisor also serves as a disaster recovery tool. Among the key features of ClusterVisor: Among the key features of this latest edition of ClusterVisor, it is a statistics and monitoring engine with a fully customizable UI. In integrates with SLURM job data and includes a rack diagramming tool to visualize your entire cluster. Read more about ClusterVisor here.

Watch our webinar to learn more about our approach to designing custom, turn-key HPC clusters
Our team discusses all elements of a cluster build and offers insights about the best options for processors, interconnects and more based on a variety of use cases. We will also touch upon ways you can be preparing your datacenter for new requirements now. Watch the webinar now in our YouTube channel.

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