Maintain the health of your HPC cluster
and optimize performance levels with
our ClusterVisor software solution


ClusterVisor is our fully integrated management solution for high performance computing (HPC) clusters and supercomputers.

ClusterVisor software enables fast system setup and monitoring backed by a log file analysis tool to identify and resolve system issues or failures.

With ClusterVisor, you gain a powerful analytics and monitoring tool that reduces the time it takes to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency.

ClusterVisor is the HPC cluster manager from Advanced Clustering Technologies that helps you manage and maintain your HPC cluster.

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Smart, effective
cluster management

This software solution offers unprecedented ease of use and management.

Rack Diagramming

ClusterVisor makes web-based rack diagramming an easy to use drag and drop experience.

Statistics and Monitoring

ClusterVisor makes it easy to keep track of cluster health. Any stat collected can become an alert.


  • Control server processes on every node
  • Customize dashboards

  • Gain consistent statistics from multiple sources for analysis

  • Manage users and groups

  • Visualize your entire cluster by creating rack diagrams

  • Configure nodes, SLURM, time servers, various MPI libraries

  • Track such things as CPU memory, InfiniBand, and GPUs

  • Perform automatic node imaging via the built-in cloning system

  • Interactively navigate through both current and historical cluster usage

  • Receive alerts to help mitigate failures and minimize downtime

  • Collect data for devices such as UPSs, PDUs and switches.

  • Offer a user-facing version of ClusterVisor with admin controls to determine what can be seen, done.

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