Romeo Power Running Simulations on ACTnowHPC to Drive Battery Innovations

Customer: Romeo Power

Romeo Power is a battery pack manufacturing startup with products that serve the automotive and trucking industries. The company’s products are feeding the electric vehicle revolution.

Founded in 2015 by a group of engineers from SpaceX, Tesla and Samsung on a mission to advance energy technology and end energy poverty, Romeo builds “tighter and lighter” battery packs for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage that perform better and last longer thanks to industry-leading energy density and battery management.

The challenge
To continue driving innovation in battery pack design, Romeo Power needed to boost its access to high performance computing resources. The company selected Advanced Clustering Technologies’ ACTnowHPCcloud to test the thermal performance of its battery packs.

The Solution
ACTnowHPCgives users access to Siemens’ industry-leading engineering simulation software solution, STAR-CCM+®, which give engineers the ability to simulate whole systems with computational fluid dynamics.

“We needed a way to run large workloads on a cluster,” said Dr. PrahitDubey, Romeo’s Technical Lead and Manager for Thermal Engineering. “Just to give you an idea of the scale of the work being done, we typically use 160 cores or more for the simulations we are running.”

Simulations being conducted on ACTnowHPCare testing the thermal performance of the company’s battery packs to ensure they are reaching peak performance.

“We are using ACTnowHPCto run our models faster and see the outcomes much faster than when we were using our local computers,” Dr. Dubey said. “Our jobs are running two or three times faster on ACTnowHPCthan anything we were able to achieve previously. And we’re saving money as well because Advanced Clustering provides technical support when troubleshooting is needed.”

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