Case Studies

Weather It Is Uses ACTnowHPC to Forecast Snowstorms Now Threatening East Coast

Customer: Weather It Is, LTD

Weather It Is, LTD, is using Advanced Clustering Technology’s ACTnowHPC on-demand cloud high performance computing cluster to forecast potentially severe winter snowstorms, including storms like the one that threatens the East Coast Jan. 22-24th. “I wanted easy and quick access to a large number of nodes/cores with minimum prior investment, no-upkeep, and the ability to …


University Adapts to Computational Computing with eQUEUE

Customer: Washington University in St. Louis

For many years, Washington University in St. Louis operated a dedicated Linux Lab for use by professors and students. In recent years, Mark Bober, Manager of Computational Services at the School of Engineering, said professors have shifted their teaching style with respect to computing. As a result, students are no longer sitting down and using …


Building an HPC Solution with the Flexibility to Meet Future Needs

Customer: Washington University in St. Louis

Customer Profile: Washington University in St. Louis supports a large, diverse user community including researchers from disciplines not usually associated with HPC such as Economists and Radiologists. The Objective: “We needed a heterogeneous mix of hardware to support the wide variety of applications being run on our systems,” said Malcolm Tobias, Systems Manager and Technical …


Cost and Performance Enhance Research Efforts

Customer: Argonne National Laboratory

The Objective: Lithium batteries have become a popular power source for consumer electronic devices. Lithium batteries offer several advantages over other types of secondary batteries, including lighter weight and higher energy density. They’re ideal for portable electronic devices such as notebook computers, and offer a great advantage to consumers in the emerging hybrid electric vehicle …


Closing The Gap On Memory Performance For The Development Of Genetic Data Analysis Software

Customer: Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Customer Profile: Dedicated to enhancing the health of children, the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital engages in high quality, cutting-edge research. Nationwide Children’s Hospital responds to the healthcare needs of children and their families through their acclaimed research programs which have included ongoing initiatives to improve the quality of the lives of children they …


Apex “Sub-Clusters” Save Time and Money

Customer: General Atomics

Objective: General Atomics was seeking an economical high performance computing solution to run its small and intermediate simulations of toroidally-confined plasmas using GYRO, NIMROD and ORBIT-RF. Toroidally-confined plasmas (or Tokamaks) are massively-parallel simulations that require floating point and high network performance. Using external accounts at large super computing centers slowed productivity due to the amount …


The Virtual Campus: One of the Nation’s Largest Passive Stereoscopic Tiled Wall Displays

Customer: Purdue University

Customer Profile: Located in West Lafayette, Indiana, and founded in 1869, Purdue University is part of an academic system that enrolls the largest student body of any university in Indiana. Its academic system includes eight colleges and fourteen schools offering both undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 200 areas of study. In recent years, …


Apex Clusters Increase Efficiency and Save Money!

Customer: MIT

Customer Profile The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century — whether the focus is cancer, energy, economics or literature. With 78 Nobel Laureates, 53 National Medal of Science winners among …


Enabling Computational Research for the ‘Missing Middle’

Customer: Oklahoma State University

Expanding HPC Capacity, Performance at Oklahoma State University When Dr. Dana Brunson of Oklahoma State University sought to find a new HPC solution for the university in 2012 with a newly awarded grant from the National Science Foundation, she faced a number of challenges. First and foremost, she needed to expand the university’s HPC capacity …


Auto Research Center

Customer: Auto Research Center

Auto Research Center is a specialized research facility that offers scale model development, vehicle aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics capabilities and expertise, computer aided engineering software, vehicle dynamics software and computer modeling programs for the purpose of trackside simulation. ARC is looking for ways to improve fule efficiencies and working with Advanced Clustering Technologies were able to see significant improvements in run-time simulations while maintaining nearly 100% uptime.


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