Intel® Cascade Lake Advanced Performance (AP) Processor

The new Cascade Lake Advanced Performance (AP) processor is designed for a range of demanding workloads including HPC, AI and Cloud.

This new processor offers unprecedented memory bandwidth with more memory channels than any other CPU.

The Cascade Lake AP processor incorporates a performance optimized multi-chip package to deliver up to 48 cores per CPU and 12 DDR4 memory channels per socket. 

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Performance Benchmarks


Up to 3.4x
  • (vs. AMD Epic 7601)


Up to 1.3x
  • (vs. AMD Epic 7601)


Up to 17x
  • (vs Xeon® Platinum Processor at launch)

Real Work Applications


Up to 1.5x
  • (vs. AMD EPYC 7601)


Up to 1.6x
  • (vs. AMD EPYC 7601)


Up to 1.6x
  • (vs. AMD EPYC 7601)


Up to 3.1x
  • (vs. AMD EPYC 7601)

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