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Leasing – A New Option for HPC Purchases

Advanced Clustering Technologies offers leasing options for customers who prefer this as an alternative to the up-front expense of purchasing new high performance computing hardware and software.

Leasing HPC equipment enables you to save working capital for other expenses that cannot be leased such as power, cooling and facilities maintenance and staffing.

The vast majority of HPC buyers (80% according to the latest industry estimates) are purchasing HPC equipment outright rather than taking advantage of leasing opportunities to make the best use of their cash flow and funding cycles.

The two reasons most often cited by HPC buyers who aren’t leasing their equipment:
1) We didn’t know leasing was an option
2) We didn’t see much advantage to leasing the equipment

Leasing HPC equipment enables you to achieve more financial flexibility and make better use of the funding you have for infrastructure, software and services.

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