Lunch and Learn is a reciprocal opportunity to talk about high performance computing. In this hour-long conversation, we get to learn about your current HPC challenges and future system needs. And you get to hear about current and upcoming solutions that can address your computational needs.

In the past, it has been our preference and privilege to conduct these sort of sessions on-site while visiting your institution. Given the current pandemic, however, we feel that having a virtual video chat session will still enable us to replicate a meaningful discussion, which we certainly welcome during these uncertain times.

We invite you and others within your institution to join us for Lunch and Learn. We will provide each attendee with a GrubHub gift card. Topics to be covered can be free-range but we would like to have a sense of what you would like to hear about before the call so that we can provide the most comprehensive information.

We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you. Please use the form on this page to RSVP for a Lunch and Learn event. We will followup to provide you with event details and your GrubHub gift card.

Some Questions for You – and Why We Ask Them Upfront

Are you planning to buy HPC equipment this year?
We ask this because it’s possible to have an entire conversation about the new processors that are scheduled to enter the market this year. We could also discuss availability challenges, especially for GPUs, that could affect your timeline. 

If you are planning to purchase, expand or replace your on-premises HPC system, are you committed to a specific processor or are you open to options?
Advanced Clustering is vendor agnostic, which means we partner with AMD, Intel and others to provide you with a wealth of options. This enables us to offer the best solution to suit your specific needs and requirements. Understanding your processor history and allegiance will help us tailor recommendations for you.

Are you planning to use existing racks for future HPC expansions or will any system we configure need to include racks?
If we are going to be designing an HPC system that will fit inside of racks that are already in your co-location or data center, we naturally have a number of questions to ask. These include questions about the physical rack details (size, etc.) as well as what equipment is already in place in the rack(s). Questions about power and cooling will also be important things for us to know. 

How will the HPC equipment you plan to purchase be used and by whom? 
Understanding how a cluster will be used is key to our ability to build the most appropriate solution for you. Knowing what software applications will be used helps us ensure you get the cluster that best meets the demands. For example, if you are going to be running CFD workloads, there are specific factors we will need to keep in mind when designing the cluster. 

Are you interested in an on-premises HPC system or are you open to the cloud?
Advanced Clustering specializes in building custom, turn-key HPC systems, but we also offer a cloud solution called ACTnowHPC. We can discuss the technology behind our cloud as well as the pricing options.

Register Today to Reserve Your Spot & Receive your GrubHub Gift Card

You can use the form on this page to reserve your seat at the virtual Lunch and Learn event for your institution. Advanced Clustering Technologies will be providing all event attendees with a $25 GrubHub gift card. 

Ordinarily when we visit a customer on-site, we ask to be introduced to anyone within the organization who might be interested to hear more about our HPC products and services. Therefore we encourage you to also use the contact form to let us know the names and email addresses of anyone else within your organization who should be invited to join us for the Lunch and Learn being conducted for your institution. Any details you could provide about topics of particular interest to you and your colleagues will be helpful to know as well. 

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